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DOI: 10.15761/GHE.1000154

Multiple vascular malformation in gut with coronary artery aneurysm: new syndrome?

March 21, 2018

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DOI: 10.15761/CDM.1000159

Surgical management of a scimitar syndrome with severe pulmonary hypertension in 2-year-old child: Case report and review of literature

March 06, 2018

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DOI: 10.15761/BEM.1000138

Skull development simulation with a force based model

March 06, 2018

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DOI: 10.15761/BEM.1000137

High-speed video capture of anterior cruciate ligament tearing in human and porcine ex vivo specimens

March 03, 2018

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DOI: 10.15761/HPC.1000130

Acute Pericarditis due to Coxiellaburnetiiinfection, a case report

February 29, 2018

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DOI: 10.15761/OHNS.1000163

Osteoid osteoma of the ribs-Is image intensifier or bone scintigraphy a mandatory diagnostic tool-A case report with Review of literature

February 28, 2018

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